And today wound up being a lot more awesome than I thought.

I still have an essay to write and math homework to do, but work was nice and surprisingly, so was the lack of a car/iPod.

Usually when I bike I’m so tuned in to my music and the road that I don’t really even notice the world around me except as a passing thought. But today, since I wasn’t so focused on what I was hearing, I was able to see just how freaking gorgeous it was. I really wish I’d had my camera on me, because jeez louise. The leaves simply burned against the gray sky and muted colors of the rest of the world. I love fall.

It’s cooler now, too, but still a little too warm to be completely comfortable. I like it kinda on the crisp side, and today was that temperature that feels like nothing at all. You’re not hot and you’re not cold. Until you start biking up four hills, of course, and then you’re sweaty and nasty. Oh well.

Anyways! I’m kinda long-winded today. I should probably put that to use in ACTUALLY WRITING MY ESSAY.

An experience that impacted me? :I Well, I got up this morning, that’s one. 

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