“Alright, I should have known this time. It’s like everytime I want to go in a warm country you manage to get us in the opposite weather.”

Amy rested her naked back on the door, shivering in her bikini as Rory ran right back inside the TARDIS to get her a jumper. The doctor stepped outside and frowned, looking around into the horizon.
“Indeed, that is not Turkey. At least not Turkey in the 30th century… Well I guess it’s still a good reason to keep the fez. Now. There’s a mountain over there that reminds me of something…”
“You always say that” Amy sighs, crossing her arms.
The doctor looks up at the cloudy sky and opens his mouth, sticking out his tongue to taste the snowflakes. Amy imitates him, and Rory comes out with a wide red jumper in his arms and looking confused.
“Asgard, Evening Star of Frostfall.” He concludes, then grabs a handful of snow from the ground and smells it.
“Are you playing Aragorn now? Are we roleplaying?”
“Hmm. Or at least around Asgard…I’ve ony been here twice on Second Seed, lovely time of the year, perfect for a picn—”
They hear a strange cry and turn around to see a kid rolling down a snowy hill. When he hits the ground, the child looks up at the top and yells.
“I don’t need any of you bums! You are all undeserving of my delightful company!” He jumps up to his feet and shakes the snow off him. “I fell down on purpose!” He looks down and walks away “I mean, I didn’t fall down really, I kind of slid down with style…”
“Hey! Tiny…person over there?” The doctor calls out, waving his arms in the kid’s direction. He turns around and stares, as the doctor stares back, all round eyes and raised non-existant eyebrows.

“What’s with the silly hat?”
“What’s with being so tiny and adorable?!”

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