animinneapolis lineup!!! i’ll probably wear my gt!dave on friday and zacharie on saturday (and maybe change into dave or just normal clothes or something) idk about sunday and i’ll mostly be at my booth in artist alley so come say hi or something 

lays down and cries a lot over how i’m going to be ridiculously overwarm the entire convention because i insist on cosplaying characters with long sleeves

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#animinneapolis #dave strider #zacharie #off cosplay #YEEHAW I GOT ZACHARIE DONE #and yes that is my laundry room i got kicked out of the kitchen #oh the woes of not having your own room because your mom gave it to your brother when you left for college #lays down #cries a lot #costume shenanigans #animinni13
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    oh h e y this is me come say hi
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  7. closetcellist said: too cool for school, but not cool enough for summer cons. I feel your pain.
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