While cleaning out my room for my move to my dorm this month, I found these paperchildren that I made a while ago and forgot about. I have no use for them and my IRL friends already have a ton of my art, so I figured WHY NOT HAVE A GIVEAWAY? No idea if anyone will actually want these, but I hit a follower milestone of sorts a while ago and did nothing about it, so it’s a good time to do it. 


  • Reblogs and likes both count!
  • You can reblog up to three times a day until September 1st, 2012.
  • I’ll be using a random number generator to pick the winner.
  • You do NOT have to be following me, but if you like this stuff we’ll probably get along and I like people so come say hi?
  • Keep your ask open so I can come tell you if you won or not.


  • There will be 3 winners!
  • First place will get their choice of any 3 paperchildren.
  • Second will get their choice of any 2 paperchildren, minus the ones that the 1st place winner took.
  • Third will get the 2 paperchildren that are left.
  • Shipping is worldwide!

if for some reason you like these but don’t see a character that you want, or if you wanted one but didn’t win, contact me on my art blog and we can discuss commissions and such. I’ll draw anyone from anything, even if I don’t know the fandom, and I already have some Avengers ones in the process of getting drawn (will probably do a giveaway of those later). so yeah!

okay so I’m cleaning out my room for college and I have a lot of art that I’m not going to be able to take with me. Some of it was drawn by me, so I was thinking I might do a giveaway? Would anyone be interested? These are the ones I’m thinking of giving away.

cas sam&dean 10 11 master sherlock john

I could possibly whip up some Avengers-related ones too (I just want to make Loki and then Steve and Tony hanging on each other okay), they don’t take too long to make and I have time on my hands, as well as no personal use for the things. I’d laminate them (with TAPE probably) before mailing them, idk, would anyone want them? They’re kind of cute…

does anybody else worry relentlessly about the well-being of fictional characters between movies/seasons/books or is that just me?




That’s Lisa as John and someone I don’t know as Sherlock and aslfkgdf they’re amazing








Oh John.

That seemingly offhand remark speaks so much of John’s insecurities and doubts about his own self-worth, now that he is (at least in his mind) rendered useless after he’s been shot.  As we flash back to this very first remark, we now understand that John has truly meant what he has said to Sherlock’s grave: “I was so alone, and I owe you so much.

The remarkable and extraordinary thing about John Watson is that… he knows he’s ordinary, but he doesn’t realize how he possesses such delicate, intricate, beautiful poetry in the simplicity of his being.  I will not attempt him to make him into more than what he is; despite being an army doctor, he is still somewhat average compared to the forces of nature around him (the Holmes brothers, the consulting criminal, The Woman.)  But he carries within him a subtlety and warmth and strength and danger that is all the more curious and interesting and fascinating because of his gentle restraint and tremendous control.

And that’s why a man like Sherlock Holmes wanted him for a flatmate.  Sure, John Watson is ordinary.  But as a conductor of light… he is unbeatable.  Because the extraordinary thing about him is… John Watson doesn’t live for himself.  He lives for other people.  His purpose in life is to save them.

And deep down, perhaps Sherlock knew that he needed a sort of saving as well.  He needed someone to save him from himself.

And perhaps he knew, that fateful day in Bart’s, with an instinct that even his logic and deductions can’t hope to explain… that this washed up war hero is the perfect candidate to save the one and only brilliant consulting detective in the world.

So yes, John Watson.  Sherlock Holmes wants you.  And maybe, it’s true that no one else will want you.  But that’s only because only an extraordinary man like Sherlock Holmes sees what is invisible to every one else’s eyes.

… He sees you, John. :)



I just cried a little. God, this was lovely


Can we have a warning before a fandom explanation, please?

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the shipping anthem

I know you think that I shouldn’t obsess so

or freak out like that

But if I didn’t say it, well I’d still have felt it

Where’s the sense in that?


I promise I’m not trying to screw with your canon

Or start another war


But I will go down with this ship

I won’t put my hands up and surrender

You need proof? Well, I can give you more

Just watch how they act together


All the fanart and all the fanfiction

Just make it worse

I have so many feelings

That I can’t deal well with, but I kinda like the hurt

And if you still think it’s not really canon

I can prove that it makes sense


I will go down with this ship

Cas and Dean’s profound bond will last forever

And we knew when Sherlock fell for John

They’re in love and always will be


And when the writers see

Which I’m sure they will

How these characters’ love

Fans’ hearts have filled

I’ll sit and smirk

And hold my tongue

Then probably cry

‘cause I knew all along


I will go down with this ship

Because we know that king Arthur loves his warlock

Whether you ship 10/Rose or 10/Master

Destiel, Merthur, Mystrade, Johnlock


I will go down with this ship

Love surpasses gender, species, fandom

Give me a ship and I’ll find you some evidence

Longing looks, arm pats and then some


I will go down with this ship

I won’t give my heart up and surrender

I’ll hang a rainbow flag above my door

Because I’m in love, and always will be

original song here

this is how I spent work today. I think I might have a bit too much free time, but good lord this was fun. I didn’t even have to change very much, but I feel like this version is much more relevant to my life. too bad I can’t sing worth crap



Oh my god. My new favourite picture of him. Oh, GOD.


John. His eyes got really round.


I always feel like Amy Pond

"my boys"

my boys

my boys

my boys

my boys

my boys

my boys

my boys

I believe in Sherlock Holmes

So you guys know John’s later sweater? That black one? Yeah, I was wearing the exact same one while watching it. And still am. Anyways, I’m sitting in Dunn Brothers wasting time, drinking tea, reading Sherlock Holmes and trying to figure out what my emotions are doing. I don’t really want to come to the conclusion that I think is approaching. Crying in a coffee shop isn’t really approved of in most places.

The Decemberists are playing and the barista had no idea who they are. Disappoint.


'Sometimes I wish for falling, wish or the release,
Wish for falling through the air to give me some relief,
But falling’s not the problem, when I’m falling I’m at peace,
It’s only when I hit the ground
It causes all the grief.

This is a song for a scribbled out name
And my love keeps writing again and again
This is a song for a scribbled out name and my love keeps writing again and again and again and again…’
“Falling” - Florence + The Machine


A Guide to Surviving Reichenbach


Step 1: Breathe. This is very important. Do not delete. There will undoubtedly be a few of us fans who will have trouble breathing. Despite your instincts, you must not burrow into a pillow to muffle your screaming sobs. Just try to breathe.

Step 2. If you haven’t already been wearing it for the majority of the episode, now is the time to don your shock blankets, or whatever blankets you may have on hand, regardless of their color.

Step 3: If you’re game, you should complete the Reichenbach challenge now: take a picture of yourself regardless of what you look like, what you’re doing. You don’t have to post it yet, but do try and take the picture as soon as possible.

Step 4: If your breathing is stable, or if you’re at least still breathing, feel free to flail, scream, roll around on your bed, sob or curl into a huddled ball in the corner of your room. This is healthy and necessary, despite what concerns your parents, roommates, siblings, etc. etc. may have.

Step 5: Proceed to use obscene amounts of tissues, before assuring your parents, roommates, siblings, etc. etc. that you are, in fact, alive (in some semblance of the word) and that the house is not burning. If you desire to skip this step, please take the time to show them this wonderful guide on how to handle their Sherlock fan before the episode.

Step 6: If you haven’t already, sprint to the kitchen, grab all of your comfort foods (make sure the necessary items are in the household at least 1 day before the episode) and then return back to your bedroom and drown your sorrows in saturated fats and high fructose corn syrup.

Step 7: In hopes that your breathing has now become stable, and you’re not continuously screaming, now is the time to return to the computer. If you hadn’t before hand, make sure to close whatever video-viewing window you had open for the episode. Any glance at it may spur a relapse, and, if this happens, please repeat steps 1, 4, 5 and 6. Otherwise, open your internet browser. Before you watched the episode, make a point to have a separate window open with the sweetest, fluffiest Johnlock fic you know of. Read this now. This can be very therapeutic, and can also help to calm you down further.

Step 8: After finishing the fic, open Tumblr and, if you’re partaking in it, post your picture for the Reichenbach challenge and make sure to tag it with “I survived the Reichenbach Fall”. If you’re not partaking in said challenge, Tumblr is, of course, already exploding like a land mine. So feel free to join in with your thoughts, creys and virtual group hugs.

Step 9: Continue to stay in your dark bedroom for the rest of the day and/or night, eating comfort food and huddled in your shock blanket. Again, if your parents, roommates, siblings, etc. etc. have read the previously mentioned guide, they will know better then to mention anything that even sounds like “falls”. Hopefully, they will understand your brains need to process this new overwhelming barrage of emotional, psychological and, in a sense, physical information.

Step 10: It pains me to say that you’re eventually going to have to leave your new emotional cave. Again, hopefully your parents, roommates, siblings, etc. etc. has read the guide, (seriously. They need to read this) and will know to come into your bedroom, open the blinds, shove you into the bathroom and try to erase the somewhat-delirious, Sherlock-related scrawlings that are undoubtedly covering your walls.

Step 11: Try to keep calm and carry on. Read fluffy fics, try to shove all recollections of “Reichenbach” in the corner of your mind and somewhat obsessively scroll through reapersun’s tumblr.

Step 12: Continue with Step 11 until Season 3 begins.

I’m going to need this.