"What are you doing on your computer all the time?"


I’m researching and appreciating literature

and other works of art

with an online community of like-minded people

to better take part in the creative process.

What are you doing in your spare time?

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This is what I spent class doing today.


the master

Shit Whovians Say

Inspired by “Shit Sherlock Fans Say” and “Shit Tumblr Girls Say” etc etc

I should have been studying, but Doctor Who

Mainly NuWho stuff.


Mashup of Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith in tonight’s London Evening Standard! It accompanies a two page article on Sherlock vs Doctor Who, and which is better.

“The affectionate, exasperated pairing of Cumberbatch’s Holmes with Martin Freeman’s Dr Watson makes for the most credible relationship on British TV right now.” Basically, loveliest article


Still can’t get over how amazing this video really is. I love KatrinDepp’s work, her video’s are just stunning and beautiful.

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Nope, not just kids.

  • Steven Moffat: You watch kids watching Doctor Who and they watch it ferociously-
  • Matt Smith: They're rapt.
  • Steven Moffat: -I mean, they're not sitting there chatting to someone or making the dinner or ironing, they're just sitting there saying 'don't talk to me, I am sucking this through my eyes'.
  • Reblog if you post about Doctor Who, no matter how little, I will follow you.


    Bit of a situation here. I’ve got my finger on a button, which is fine, but as soon as I take my finger off the button a spaceship is going to explode, which is good in one way because the spaceship in question is about to attack the Earth, but bad in another way because I’m on the spaceship.


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    he is an adorable human being :3

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