working on the commissions i didn’t finish at animinneapolis! if you are still waiting for yours they should be done today!

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artist alley shenanigans from the weekend! i uh didn’t take pictures of most of my sketches and commissions that i sold/gave away/included and from these it looks like i only draw people from one angle oh god 

here we see a lovely amanda as yuuuuuuuuuuuu (pronounced in my head like the “youuu” from soulja boy) and i’m the derpy dave in the top selfie. the coffee is included because it is important.

wow what cool people 

dawsonehlke as bolin // philipehlke as mako

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ruby as will graham was one of the highlights of the weekend personally

squiddlequeen as zacharie in the 4th pic // shinigaminyx as sugar in the last pic // shinigamiraz as zacharie in the last pic

off cosplayers from animinneapolis you pertain to my interests (credits please *zacharie voice* no i mean tell me who to credit)

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blushingbats as madoka // yank76 as stephanie brown

look at all these quality people wow a+ um yeah please tell me who you are so i can credit! you see a lot of cool stuff at artist alley but don’t get a lot of names

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baconspice as castiel // midgaardian as jack frost // kayla (url ?) as tooth

more super adorable people who stopped by my table! wow there were a lot of quality cosplays at this con


erentier as flowerstuck!rose // elriclover96 as latula and roxy // yesthisistori as dead shuffle jade // yossyisland as mom // scaleneblimp as god tier jade // lowkitty as jade // ooohlalalonde as rose // coochiewoochie as cal // little-dl as jake

here are all the pics i got of the homestucks that stopped by my booth this weekend at animinni! please let me know who you are so i can credit you

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hey guys! i’m back from animinneapolis. having an artist alley table was a total blast, thanks so much to everyone who stopped by! i have some commissions to finish- and if you were one of the ones who i said i would mail my thing to, you will be getting them soon- but otherwise i’m done done done. saw some really cute people and gr8 cosplayers, made some friends, and met little kuriboh who is a fabulous individual. 

i was the dave/zacharie/dork with the OFF shirt who was selling the buttons and commissions, if you talked to me come say hi!! 

and if you got any art from me or a picture of me (some people took some when i was zacharie) i’d love it if you could upload a pic!

hello friends animinneapolis is great everyone is great artist alley is great except i got sick and so went home early like a loser but i’ll be back tomorrow so say hi or something

hhhh my friends are??? super adorable

would anyone buy these because i just made them





A friend sent me this:

This is Ryan Kopf. He is the head of multiple anime conventions under the company name Chrono, LLC. This includes Anime Zap, Anime-zing!, Anime-SPARK!, AniMinneapolis, Meta Con, Domo Con, and Anime Midwest. In addition to being shady, underhanded, and a jerk in general, he is also a confirmed rapist. Attached is the actual police report, documenting the incident.

I urge you to raise awareness in any way you can. Forward this. Post its contents to Facebook, Tumblr, or whatever you use. The number of staff resigning from service of Chrono, LLC is already exponential, with one key demand for their return: Ryan Kopf must be removed from his position of power. Even guests have backed out, upon gaining the knowledge of Ryan’s reputation.

Ryan has gone to extreme lengths to cover this rape case up, even blacklisting people from his conventions for bringing it up. These are not the actions of an innocent man. These are the actions of someone who is trying desperately to hide something. 

He cannot stop knowledge from spreading. He cannot stop awareness from bring raised. He cannot stop the future.

You— We— The people, whether you’re a con-goer or just someone who detests rapists, can make a difference. But only if we act. Now.

I need to add this.

THIS is why I’ve been ill for WEEKS about people going to AniMinneapolis.

Because in my head, I 100% believe he did this because I have worked with him and have seen how he acts


Nothing has been taken to court and convicted, so LEGALLY he hasn’t done anything.

But it IS my opinion that he DEFINITELY has done something, no one can sue me for my opinion.

I have been told I am allowed to talk about it and reblog this, but I cannot say that he is LEGALLY a rapist. I can only say that within my own opinions and say he is ALLEGEDLY a rapist.

Kinda terrible when someone has to feel worried about consequences for spreading the word about a dangerous person.

People should not have that threat hanging over them.

hey guys i know i’ve talked about this guy before and i’ll give it a rest after this but its high time it was put somewhere. if you are going to animinneapolis or any ryan cons— PLEASE be wary. Be careful. Or don’t go.

animinneapolis lineup!!! i’ll probably wear my gt!dave on friday and zacharie on saturday (and maybe change into dave or just normal clothes or something) idk about sunday and i’ll mostly be at my booth in artist alley so come say hi or something 

lays down and cries a lot over how i’m going to be ridiculously overwarm the entire convention because i insist on cosplaying characters with long sleeves

i just realized i have a red maid dress does anyone going to animinneapolis want to see dave strider wear that because that’s a thing that could happen