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Decided I was going to play with my tablet monitor today. Next thing I knew, Swimming Home by Evanescence was playing and I was drawing sads all over everything.

…what is it with me and wanting to put my favorite characters through horrible things?

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So I have this absolute conviction that all fictional characters who are angels somehow know each other and get together for tea parties afternoons.

Probably because Aziraphale makes them.

And Castiel doesn’t really see the necessity of the ceremony of a “tea party”, but he’s happy to have someone listen to him prattle about the Winchesters, and the tea is certainly very interesting, so he’s okay with it.

But they have to forcibly drag Raziel away from his soap operas with the promise of sugar. Gabriel doesn’t really help with this, as he takes every opportunity to make the poor thing forget that the soaps aren’t actually real- not that he ever really believed that in the first place. Gabriel also steals his high-sugar-content foodstuffs whenever possible.

And Lucifer usually winds up with tea all down his shirt, because Michael has temper issues- you would too if you kept getting bits of scone put in your hair and your spoon stolen and ice cubes down your back.

And no one can decide whether Crowley should be invited or not- Crowley least of all, as he insists he isn’t an angel, Aziraphale insists he should be invited anyways, and no one else really cares enough to think about it.

this morning was fun.

Megan and I are going to start up the GO cosplay ask blog tomorrow, but we need some questions to start us off with. I know it’s kind of pointless to leave notes for an ask blog that hasn’t even really started yet, but if anyone wants to give us some things to actually post, the ask is open here.

We’d really appreciate it, it’d give us something to do lol though the entire blog is sort of… under construction right now. We’ll get it all up and running tomorrow.

but yeah if anyone wants to help us out, please do

thanks, guys, I know we’re being kind of losers about this.

so, it’s official. A friend and I are going to make a Good Omens cosplay ask blog. I haven’t seen one around yet, so hopefully this is something that people will… enjoy?

I’ll get it up in a few days.

tentative url: askazandcrowley

But yeah, I hope this works out.

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what do we do on a saturday night? dress up as fictional characters, of course.

I’m Crowley and Megan is Aziraphale. These are not the final costumes by any means- she didn’t have her stuff with her so borrowed some of my clothes, and we were just sort of derping with hair, and I need gel and makeup for cheekbones and different sunglasses and not to be wearing sparkly eyeliner and the list goes on and on and on BUT HEY IT’S FUN and we have nothing better to do.



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There’s also a lot of re-casting around, like, Martin Freeman as Azi and Benedict as Crowley… No me gusta re-casting. :C I can’t imagine a perfect actor for either yet, do you have one for Azi??

Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of that either. I think a blond James McAvoy would be an adorable Az..

I’ve actually pictured Azi a a bit older in my mind but

I definitively wouldn’t mind that. <3

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Am I the only one who really can’t see Benedict Cumberbatch as Crowley? Even before Sir PTerry decided him for Aziraphale or whatever.

I feel the need to share this. It wasn’t me who asked this, buuuuuut hey guys look


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St. James Park ~ by Inonibird

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Meet Aziraphale. For those who haven’t read Good Omens, he’s an angel who drinks too much tea, is in love with books, and has the fashion sense of an old man in the fifties.

I’m going to Anime Detour as Az in a little over a month. I’ll have wings and a bow tie by that point (yes, totally increasing the level of how well his outfit matches), and hair that actually cooperates.

I’ll have an amazing Crowley with me. (She should post a picture too, just sayin.’)

Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

I love this book a little bit too much.

HEY GUYS GUYS THIS IS MY AZ ISN’T SHE JUST TOO PERFECT I JUST WANT TO SQUISH HER and then throw her out and lock her in a Bentley for being way too perfect

I don’t actually have a picture of my Crowley thing yet. Shush.

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