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AHHH I’M DIGGIN’ IT ‘u’ (i’m a little biased towards red hair though but no seriously it looks awesome)

thanks!! it turned out much brighter than i expected it to so i’m glad people like it! i’m kind of biased towards red myself haha totally understandable. but seriously thank you

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i hate to sound condescending/fatalistic but a lot of the stuff that happens in your first year, you’re gonna look back and think “wow i was so dumb for doing/thinking that” and i guess what i’m trying to say is that it’s all ok?? i am really terri

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ble at this but yeah my first year was a ton of ups and downs and then my second year i just hit this great plateau of mellowness so yeah!!! seriously it’s all gonna be fine :>
don’t worry about it, haha. i’d heard that a lot before, that your first year is gonna be all trial and error and you’ll figure it out eventually, so i’ve got that in the back of my head and have all along. you know, you’re not gonna stay friends with those you hung out with in your first two months. you’re not gonna be bffs with the people on your floor. you’re not gonna know what to do, you’re not gonna feel great all the time, etc etc all those totally true things. but! it still is a pain in the butt to live it!

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askdjlfhawkje teavana is amazing! their monkey-picked oolong is ridiculously good ‘u’

I think I have some of that! I bought Taj Masala Chai this time :)

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oops creeping in on this conversation because play it all night long

i love that fic so much

i want to make a podfic

and play all the songs

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from what i’ve seen it’s ‘parapines’ and awastrelmescalined is pretty much captain of the ship, so i’d check their blog out for more? i guess? (idk lmao i haven’t seen either so)

ohhh yep i’ve seen their stuff in the tag

so i just checked the parapines tag and sobs i think i have given in and shipped it i mean ugh just so much cute

you should see both tho, paranorman is just perfect and gravity falls is adorable

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bless u GOOD LUCK you’re going to need it (it’s a downhill slide as far as feelings go)

fffffff okay thanks man

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are you on season 2 already because you’re going to d i e

yeah i only have three episodes more then i’m caught up

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oooh, have fun! europe is fantastic and even though i’ve never been to germany aside from the munich airport, it’s a gorgeous country. c:

I’ve been to a few of the airports and it looks gorgeous just from them, so I’m super excited! But yeah, I will definitely have fun :)

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holy crap, someone as white as i am! it’s nice to know there are other people out there with blinding skin.

are you a vampire too? we should stand in the sun together sometime and just completely take out everyone around us who aren’t wearing sunglasses. it’d be good times.

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whoa, dude, that’s not okay in any way. honestly, i’d go report him or something because that is NOT OKAY.

It was really, really weird. But I think he was a special ed kid so I don’t really want to do anything..

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As in, after ~3 episodes of SPN I ‘deduced’ that Jensen must be from urban Texas because he has slight southern breaking (esp. when saying ‘Cas’) and a slightly monophthongalized [ai]. Figuring people/actors out by their accents has become a hobby.

That is SUPER awesome. I’m not even kidding, that is so cool that you can do that.

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I”m majoring in linguistics and it was ALL Milo being a language badass that made me do it. When he’s in the car breaking down Atlantean into all of its daughter languages, oh my GOD. I always wanted to do that. Now I can just tell who’s from where.

That is SUPER cool. I love that part, too.

Who’s from where?

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I’m gonna bias you towards Atlantis (if you’re talking about the Disney one) because that’s the movie that helped me decide my major. ‘u’

Yep! The Lost Empire. It’s one of my favorite movies ever and I’ve been meaning to rewatch it sometime soon, but I feel like watching something new tonight, so Atlantis will have to wait.

It did? How? That’s pretty cool.

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it gets better. i know it seems like it can’t but IT GETS EVEN BETTER

oh my lord how is that possible how is it pOSSIBLE

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i know that feel. i had to call people last week and tell them their pre-ordered games are available for pickup and jfc i nearly cried in the back room doing it.

oh gosh that sucks. but yeah, answering the phone is bad enough (i always sound like I’m expecting them to jump through the phone wires and kill me), but making calls? i would rather do pretty much anything else

work calls are the absolute worst, anyways

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