Closing Time.

”That’s how we greet each other in these days, isn’t it?”


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Okay, so we’re taking a little break, and we’ll be back to Livetumblr again at 9p PDT. 

May you dream of the stars and we’ll see you again in just a bit. 

  • Doctor: So what did you call him? Will I blush?
  • Craig: ... No, we didn't call him 'The Doctor'!
  • Doctor: No, I didn't think you would...
  • Craig: He's called Alfie. What're you doing here anyway?
  • Doctor: Yes, he likes that. 'Alfie'. Though personally he prefers to be called 'Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All'.
  • Craig: Sorry, what?
  • Doctor: That's what he calls himself.
  • Craig: And how do you know that?
  • Doctor: I speak baby.
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