And a couple awesome shots of voxmyriad and reiish in all their elfy goodness

guess who already has material to make loki mark 2

on a side note, guess who’s kinda low on funds and shouldn’t be buying fabric


Oh yeah princeling. Totally taking you seriously. Look at my serious face.

take me seriously god damn it


Father and son selfie


Con happiness so far. Meeting awesome people and derping in costume. What could be better. Legolas approves

party hard day 3

July  5   ( 8 )  

elf eyes jokes etc

selfies at con // voxmyriad // thedietelf

lisa why

who wants to bet on whether or not i can whip up a new kid loki costume in the 1 day i have before convergence

July  1   ( 1 )  

oh YEAH i forgot to mention that i’m gonna be at convergence as legolas this weekend! same costume from amke (thisn) with a few tweaks maybe if i find time. possibly going to throw together something last minute and easy in the next few days but prooobably not so keep an eye out for me

i have 3 complex cosplays i want to do and no dependable surplus income this year guess who’s going to be crying alone with her nose pushed up against fabric store windows it’s me

May  11   ( 4 )  

you don’t know pain until you find yourself planning complicated cosplays when you don’t have the money, materials, time, or space to create them and won’t for the foreseeable future

i still want to cosplay madoka really badly but idk who….