okay actually I’m going to cosplay Otto Chriek to the next scifi/fantasy con I go to, which is probably convergence, and dragoncon next year. watch out

my sleeves are gonna be cute

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just realized that growing out my hair and dyeing it black will mean i can avoid buying a wig for not just one upcoming cosplay but TWO

thank you cosplay gods for the fact that two angsty, overpowered teenage boys have the same shitty taste in hairstyle

cosplay progress update etc look at this thing I have created it’s pretty

cosplaying zuko more like let me just break out the exact same patterns i used for legolas

oh yeah i’m cosplaying zuko to anime milwaukee 

And a couple awesome shots of voxmyriad and reiish in all their elfy goodness

guess who already has material to make loki mark 2

on a side note, guess who’s kinda low on funds and shouldn’t be buying fabric


Oh yeah princeling. Totally taking you seriously. Look at my serious face.

take me seriously god damn it


Father and son selfie


Con happiness so far. Meeting awesome people and derping in costume. What could be better. Legolas approves

party hard day 3

elf eyes jokes etc

selfies at con // voxmyriad // thedietelf