Whattttt? how did I not know about this?



Quick note: the lines don’t have to point upwards and straight next to each other, you can point them in any direction you want. 

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what is all this fandom friends fandomstuck stuff

why does everyone somehow get along now

what happened

someone explain?


Step 1; Reblog this post

Step 2; Wait for me to post a url in your askbox 

Step 3; Anonymously send eachother messages

Step 4; Reveal yourself on the 14th of Feburary

Step 5; PROFIT! 

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I’m honestly really excited for the rest of this season on Doctor Who. I WANT. TO KNOW. ABOUT. OSWIN. CLARA. WHATEVER. I JUST REALLY DO. I JUST. I NEED TO KNOW.

also that special was really good. 

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LOOK WHO GOT HER PHONE SIGNED BY JOHN BARROWMAN and I have seriously dreamed of the day that I could get this signed by a member of the Who cast ever since I got the cover.

having feelings about the Master

goddamn i want him back

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"tell me a story" says dude i have not actually met in person more than once, over facebook

receives long-winded narrative in which we go on multiple adventures with the doctor

what am i doing with my life

So my dash is dead at this time of night again, and I need more people to follow


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While cleaning out my room for my move to my dorm this month, I found these paperchildren that I made a while ago and forgot about. I have no use for them and my IRL friends already have a ton of my art, so I figured WHY NOT HAVE A GIVEAWAY? No idea if anyone will actually want these, but I hit a follower milestone of sorts a while ago and did nothing about it, so it’s a good time to do it. 



if for some reason you like these but don’t see a character that you want, or if you wanted one but didn’t win, contact me on my art blog and we can discuss commissions and such. I’ll draw anyone from anything, even if I don’t know the fandom, and I already have some Avengers ones in the process of getting drawn (will probably do a giveaway of those later). so yeah!

Artist: Unknown
Title: Unknown
Album: Unknown

okay so I’m cleaning out my room for college and I have a lot of art that I’m not going to be able to take with me. Some of it was drawn by me, so I was thinking I might do a giveaway? Would anyone be interested? These are the ones I’m thinking of giving away.

cas sam&dean 10 11 master sherlock john

I could possibly whip up some Avengers-related ones too (I just want to make Loki and then Steve and Tony hanging on each other okay), they don’t take too long to make and I have time on my hands, as well as no personal use for the things. I’d laminate them (with TAPE probably) before mailing them, idk, would anyone want them? They’re kind of cute…

Eleven and Sexy at Animinneapolis.

okay, I want to follow some more people so like this if you post or enjoy any of the things I tag it with, and I’ll come check out your blog

does anybody else worry relentlessly about the well-being of fictional characters between movies/seasons/books or is that just me?