One more seven hour plane flight and then I’m home. Thank you all for putting up with my weird vacation blogging habits and obnoxious text posts and not unfollowing me while I was gone :)

One more night in Amsterdam and then I’m on the way home. Today is all train rides. Currently I have 40 minutes until my train, and so am sitting in a Starbucks watching the Spectacular Spider-man on my phone. Whee.

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It’s official, little German tea shops are my favorite. Fandom secret, I have now bought three packs of fancy European tea since stepping on the continent, all from different places. I think it’s a good souvenir.

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I could make some post waxing eloquent about the countryside or the town or the castle I stayed in last night but OMG LOOK THIS HOTEL HAS ACTUAL KEYS FOR THE DOORS. HOW COOL IS THAT I HAVE ONLY EVER SEEN THE ELECTRONIC KIND OMG.

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so I just woke up in my hotel room to find that my entire family left me while I was sleeping

I bought a shitload of postcards today. Anyone else want one?

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why do I keep checking my email it’s like 5am at home nobody’s going to be replying to anything

adventure time in German is hella confusing

»puts up a notice about going on hiatus for a vacation
»continues to blog from halfway across the world

this blog is run by an utter loser

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Oh! While I’m making text posts I might as well say hey guys, I finally have a hotel that has actual wifi! I don’t have to steal it from unsuspecting coffee shops.

German food is very heavy, but they have really really good pretzels. I’m a sucker for a good pretzel. Wow yeah.

Yep, still enjoying myself.

Also hey to you guys who haven’t unfollowed me while I’m in Germany, thank you, I love you, and you’re all awesome.

This is where I was today. Climbed all the way to the top, ow. But the view was worth it.

I got your text but couldn’t send one back! :( and omg SO MANY ATTRACTIVE DUTCH PEOPLE like seriously what IS it with Europeans? Wifi’s running out soon by the way.

So uh who wants German postcards? Put your address or email in my inbox if you would like one :)

Hi guys! I’m in Amsterdam. Bookstores with free wi-fi are the best. This place is gorgeous and everyone bikes everywhere.
If you sent me an ask for my email and I haven’t replied, it’s because I’d really rather not publish it and haven’t figured out how to respond privately from my phone yet. I’ll get to it.
Anyways. I artgasmed my way through the van Gogh museum today. If I ever find someone who goes at the same pace as I do through a museum and is willing to stalk every art museum we see, I will probably marry them. Or adopt them. Or otherwise attach myself to this perfect person because everyone goes too damn fast and I want to see all the pictures.
I’ll check in next time I have wifi, heading out now. Hopefully you guys are all good and whatever. Food time.