sudden resurgence of good omens feelings!!!!! my love for this book will never ever die i will go to my grave and i will have it buried with me and i will profess my love for it with my last breath

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“Heaven has no Taste”
~by Etherelle

“My dear boy-“
“You won’t have a choice.”
“Heaven has no taste.”
“And not one single sushi restaurant.”

That was the final straw for Aziraphale and Crowley, who at that point, combined their efforts to save the world. Good Omens is one of my favorite books for many reasons, but most likely for these incredibly contrasting and fabulous characters. If you haven’t read it, you should pick up a copy!

This print will be available at Fanime! I’ll be at Table 38.

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Good Omens

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hello good omens tag it’s been a while

you know you have a problem when you’re reading paradise lost and recognize every other name from fanfiction

okay, I want to follow some more people so like this if you post or enjoy any of the things I tag it with, and I’ll come check out your blog

Anonymous said: How would you feel about Tom Hiddleston playing Crowley from Good Omens?

I actually think that, out of all the actors I know (which is not actually all that many), he’d be one of the better choices. I thought that before I’d even seen Thor or anything he was in, just from browsing the Good Omens tag and looking at the “dream casts”, most of which I disagree with.

Like, I just cannot see Benedict Cumberbatch as Crowley. Not in a million years. He’s got nice cheekbones, yeah, but he lacks a certain Crowley-ness. Same for the Fassbender. I honestly haven’t found an actor that has that perfect Crowley-ness that I have in my head, yet, probably because that’s mainly just in my head. But Tom Hiddleston comes pretty close.

I figure whoever they pick for the mini series will be pretty good. I doubt any of the casting choices- Hiddleston or Cumberbatch or really any of the other ones- will be the ones who are actually used, and I kind of hope they get someone relatively unknown or unexpected for it. I’m interested to see, for sure.

Hah, I went on a tangent.

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So, question for anyone who’s bought the Adagio fandom tea mixes: Are they worth the price? I’ve been looking at a few of them that I want, but I don’t exactly have a pile of ten dollar bills just laying around, so I’d really like another opinion. I’ve seen a few people post on how amazing they are, but still. Anyone got anything to say?


. looking to the sky

Decided I was going to play with my tablet monitor today. Next thing I knew, Swimming Home by Evanescence was playing and I was drawing sads all over everything.

…what is it with me and wanting to put my favorite characters through horrible things?

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So I have this absolute conviction that all fictional characters who are angels somehow know each other and get together for tea parties afternoons.

Probably because Aziraphale makes them.

And Castiel doesn’t really see the necessity of the ceremony of a “tea party”, but he’s happy to have someone listen to him prattle about the Winchesters, and the tea is certainly very interesting, so he’s okay with it.

But they have to forcibly drag Raziel away from his soap operas with the promise of sugar. Gabriel doesn’t really help with this, as he takes every opportunity to make the poor thing forget that the soaps aren’t actually real- not that he ever really believed that in the first place. Gabriel also steals his high-sugar-content foodstuffs whenever possible.

And Lucifer usually winds up with tea all down his shirt, because Michael has temper issues- you would too if you kept getting bits of scone put in your hair and your spoon stolen and ice cubes down your back.

And no one can decide whether Crowley should be invited or not- Crowley least of all, as he insists he isn’t an angel, Aziraphale insists he should be invited anyways, and no one else really cares enough to think about it.



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Okay, here it is! The finished motion graphics assignment for school of my favorite book, Good Omens. It’s missing a few key characters (Shadwell, Madame Tracy, and rest of The Them—among others—due to them pesky time constraints), so hopefully I can get a revised version with everyone included up soon! Even though I’m not entirely happy with the end result, it was definitely fun to make. The streaming is disjointed and iffy if you don’t fullscreen it, but it’s not in particularly high quality either, SO. I’m sorry about that! I’ll change it when I can. In any case, enjoy. ♥  

The Girl from Ipanema © Antônio Carlos Jobim
Bad Moon Rising © Creedence Clearwater Revival
Good Omens © Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett

So I have a question. What did A/C shippers wind up calling themselves? Air Conditioner Repairmen? Or was it Consenting A/C Repairmen or am I completely off?

I didn’t take this photo (found it on facebook lol) but holy shit it’s glorious so I just had to share. GLORIOUS

Me as Crowley, Lisa as John, Jessica as fem!Sherlock, and Megan as Aziraphale.

wish I’d had my shades on though sdlfkj