someone i know said today that supernatural was not worth watching because the actors got too into their roles as the winchester brothers.

this coming from someone who’s only seen half the first season.

does anyone else see the multiple problems here?

how is an actor getting into their role- especially a role as emotional and intense as sam or dean’s is- a bad thing? do you want your tv shows to be full of actors rather than characters, where you can tell that they’re just playing a part? does that make it more enjoyable for you, when you can tell that you’re just watching a show on tv by the canned, artificial acting alone?

i like the element of realism that j2’s acting gives the show. yeah, sure, it’s cheesy sometimes, it’s overly emotional sometimes, it’s downright fucking heartbreaking sometimes, but i think that these are signs of a good actor and a well-written (for the most part) show.

idk, i have opinions. some people i just don’t understand.

also if she formed that conclusion off of the first half of the first season what the fuck would she have thought of the rest of the show i mean really

I probably shouldn’t find this as funny as I do.

Things that make me go UNF» Jensen Ackles.

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