how to cope with jim #645

and put your comic in a plastic bag first

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milkshakes, man, milkshakes

(me and megan as loki and leah)

have some lokicest

(kid!loki, suit!loki, and idk who lady!loki is)

omg guys stawp

(me as kid loki, cammie as thor, lisa as molly hooper [random crossover ftw] and megan as leah)

(more of me as kid!loki at animinni)

(me as kid loki at animinneapolis, also featuring loki as action figure loki)

brotherly bonding time

(me as Loki and Cammie as Thor)

So this is me and Megan (Leah) today at Animinneapolis. We’re having fuuuunnn.

LOOK WHAT MEGAN MADE ME (full costume to be paraded about at animinneapolis this weekend) but omg is it not amazing

Journey into Mystery #640:


guess who’s started actual work on her kid!Loki costume?

the pattern is proving to be a little shit, though, because I have to change so much of it. how fitting.