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it ok loki i’m that friend too

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I wouldn’t say I felt guilty, exactly. I rarely do.

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The Mighty Thor #6 || All-New Marvel Now Point One

"You are my brother and I love you…"

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Comic Appreciation → So let’s talk about magic. We can dicker on the exact rules, if you like. There are all sorts of grimoires and cryptonomicons. I’ve got an AD&D manual somewhere. At the core though…

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I feel like eventually this all has to culminate in Loki cosplaying himself at a convention.

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a jar of mixed lies 
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Your past will catch up with you

Can’t wait to see what happens when these two meet !

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Agent of Asgard:LOKI!! +。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+  

로키ㅇ ㅣ즈 마인 

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probably the weirdest thing about loki is that he’s a god that’s like potentially millions of years old and really god damn powerful and he keeps murdering himself and murdering others and murdering in general but here he is reincarnated into this dumb vaguely teenage form and he wears funny socks and dresses like a twelve-year-old and writes slash fiction and has a tumblr and plays video games and loves breakfast food and watches game of thrones and likes musicals and makes dick jokes and fell into a dumpster this one time and i’ve really gotta say, i can’t wait to see him cry and get beaten up and hopefully shoved in a locker like the fucking nerd he is

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journey into mystery #645 | a comedy in thirty parts (or a tragedy in thirty-one)

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loki: agent of asgard #3


A small birthday gift for my dearest Dia.

Everyone go wish her a happy birthday~

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