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Based on chapter 24 of determamfidd's awesome fic Sansûkh, which you should be reading if you have not done so yet.

Gimli comforts Legolas after Aragorn goes and falls off a cliff.

Soo… this may or may not have been finished for like a month and I may or may not have forgotten about it. One of these days I’ll forget my own head.  

Trying to make Legolas look like he was sleeping with his eyes open was difficult, really, because he kept looking either dead or awake. Still looks kind of awake, but nothing to do about it.

good gravy almighty

sakurita, you are phenomenally, staggeringly talented. The angle you have chosen here is just so perfect - it highlights the size difference, the closeness and yet the vast differences between them, and it also draws attention to the great cloaking darkness and the empty sea of green that surrounds their little bubble of closeness, it just - *clutches heart* arrrgh.

Also I am forever and eternally in worshipful lust with the way you draw Gimli’s hair and beard, mmmkay. AND YOUR COLOURS. Hummina. 

You total gem, thank you so much!

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I totally forgot I did this! GIGOLAS STURF


Whenever I come across people who say that Gimli/Legolas is a weird pairing because Gimli isn’t cute, I have a mental image of Legolas as Fleur Delacour telling them off. “I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk!”

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did someone say punk!bucky (with prosthetic arm ayy) and hipster!steve? no? well, i did

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"I wanted to thank you… You saved Kier’s life."



"And then there’s you."

i have…succumbed…


screams   never over this scene   because his beliefs his agenda his MISSION is his purpose   its what saved him   and he throws it away   throws what he was sent to do   for a boy he just met but fell for the moment he saw those scars   and realized how alike they were   even before he knew how truly special kieren was   he loved him   this is like a prophet telling his lord to fuck off   because he has found his love   found what needs to be protected   kieren is his anomaly   and its beautiful   otp: and then there’s you   in the flesh   (via deimosluna)



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Aziraphale. The Enemy, of course. But an enemy for six thousand years now, which made him sort of a frieLOVER. MAKES HIM SORT OF A LOVER. FULL HOMO

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ur supposed to be fighting u little shits

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whenwas the last time i drew something not gay

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