FYI Tony Stark tea smells like chocolate and spicy manliness.

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miles is downloading

my brother is yelling at his computer

i’m talking about butts

it’s 1am

i have work in the morning

i think it might be time for bed…

or fanfiction

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the meaning of life

  • Rachel: asses
  • Rachel: butts
  • Rachel: yeah man
  • Celestial Nexus: assvengers
  • Celestial Nexus: yes
  • Rachel: assguardians
  • Rachel: captain assmerica
  • Celestial Nexus: the incredible ass
  • Rachel: hawtass
  • Celestial Nexus: iron ass
  • Celestial Nexus: or ass man works
  • Rachel: oh lol
  • Rachel: black widass
  • Celestial Nexus: she'dprobablykillyouforthatjustsaying
  • Celestial Nexus: thor odinass
  • Rachel: thass
  • Rachel: lokass
  • Celestial Nexus: Phass
  • Celestial Nexus: ...phil coulsass?
  • Celestial Nexus: sassy phil
  • Celestial Nexus: of asss
  • Rachel: phass casssass
  • Rachel: spiderass
  • Celestial Nexus: mr fantastass
  • Celestial Nexus: the human ass
  • Celestial Nexus: er...
  • Rachel: lol
  • Rachel: the ass
  • Rachel: um hmm
  • Rachel: dr dooass
  • Celestial Nexus: magnetass
  • Rachel: professor xass
  • Rachel: professess x
  • Rachel: xxxxx
  • Celestial Nexus: saberass
  • Celestial Nexus: assclop
  • Celestial Nexus: s
  • Rachel: the phoenass
  • Celestial Nexus: mystiqass
  • Rachel: beass
  • Celestial Nexus: douglass richassson
  • Rachel: deadpass
  • why am i still awake

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    giving in and downloading me some miles morales

    i’ll drown in lack-of-peter feels but it’ll be okay… i think

    and for the record i did try to find the books and issues in a few stores today but nowhere had #1. so.

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    beware civil war feels

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    I have ingested way too much caffiene today, and suddenly I’m really tired. I don’t like blogging from my phone much. I’ve been waiting for a friend for an hour and a half only to have what we were doing canceled, so maybe I’ll just go home and sleep or something…

    all right, so as I told DP!anon, I am going to bed now. because I have to be on my way to work in, oh, 6 hours. HOW AM I STILL SLEEP DEPRIVED? IT’S SUMMER, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

    night guys!



    today was adventurous!

    Lisa and I went to go get shawarma and comics after I got off work. It was pretty awesome. We’re officially the coolest people ever. I’m just sad that the Baker Street Blue nail polish is really fucking expensive.

    It was an off-week for Journey into Mystery, which tears my heart into a million tiny pieces and other such horrible things D’: But I picked up some Spider-Man (I HAVE A PROBLEM YES LISA I KNOW)-

    - which I had to do issue by issue because neither the store nor the half price bookstore had the volume I’m on (though it wound up being cheaper this way, so that’s okay). And I mean I could download it, and I’m running low on funds so I probably will have to download it, but there’s just something about owning a hard copy of a book, you know? And I’m reading Civil War downloaded already and that’s taking me a long time to get through, so. I like reading Spidey at the same time. And I like it enough to be willing to give Marvel my money. Idk. We’ll see. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE???

    Also got some Deadpool. (Wade Wilson’s War)

    looks actually quite angsty. How fun. And I spent a lot of today freaking out with my brother about how Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine Origins is… not Deadpool. 

    er yes so I’m going to go make shawarma photosets now

    and yes I do make a post every time I buy comics and I’m not sure why, but whatever, it works. I have work at 7:30 again tomorrow. 

    And now I’ve got henna. Tonight is the night of drawing on my body apparently.

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