more adventures with loki

watching thor

drinking tea

chilling with spidey

I saw the Amazing Spider-Man today.

Beware feelings. And like. Serious analysis of my problems. No, I’m not kidding, this is pretty long.

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Peter Benjamin Parker, you and your life need to stop making me cry.

the fantastic four is such a great babysitting service.

my brother and I, we are so cool

peter I really don’t think that’s helping your case

Hey potential Daisho Con attendees


My friend Rachel and I are planning to cosplay Spider-Man and Tony Stark at Daisho this year and we’re looking for a Steve to complete the superfamily.  Anyone planning to attend be interested?

reblog for signal and such. any of my followers going?

peter parker: secretly spider-man’s boyfriend since 1962

in which Peter shows his appreciation in the most mature way possible

reasons to love peter parker #21384987928374239847293840

I’m fiercely over-protective of certain fictional characters

I’m sure, Peter.

spider-man sits next to me in spanish