rachel’s homestuck fic rec part one

I was gonna make a different fic rec for each pairing but then I realized that I have some saved that are no pairings at all or charatcer centric or just one fic of a certain pairing or something so fuck it I’ll consolidate. So uhh part one because I’m always reading fanfiction and Homestuck is my current thing (I swear I ingest a metric fuckton of this stuff every day oh my god it’s going to ruin my life I’m going to fail college and live on one of yOUR couches probably shit)

not spoiler-free!! I organized them by subject/most prominent pairing and my super super all time favorites are italicized.

anyways, I hope you all enjoy because I sure as hell did uwu


  • Velvet Toothed and Feather Tongued: sadstuck but it has a happy ending really I swear and it’s so cute and so sad and it hurts so much but it’s gorgeous. Non-SBURB AU with mentions of it. Dave dreams.
  • Big Brother: FtM!Dave mostly told through the eyes of bro. Really made me think also super adorable and yes.
  • Snapshots from the End of the World: Bits and pieces of John’s life and falling in love during the game. lskdjflskdjflskdfjslkdf so cuTE.
  • Lessons in Smooth Motherfuckology: yes John making out with your best friend is perfectly heterosexual why would you think otherwise
  • Like Forgetting the Words: sadstuck is my drug. Post-scratch. Dave (almost) remembers John.
  • The Moon Asked the Crow: fuck me if this wasn’t the cutest thing. Non-SBURB AU. Dave is a musician who performs at a club, and John is his number one fan. And sdlfkjsdlfkjf??? really I can’t
  • The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast: seriously if you haven’t read this what the FUCK ARE YOU DOING GO READ IT. Basically, Dave and John play “gay chicken” for twelve years (or so they think wow denial much??) and wind up married without really knowing how.
  • Exactly the Same: Dave getting used to dating John, as opposed to Terezi. It drips adorable from every pore.
  • Meeting for the first time: title-less so basically exactly that, adorable adorable adorable oh help
  • A Very Important Day: sadstuck and pining Dave and it was wonderfully painful and sweet. “Your name is Dave Strider, and the love of your life is getting married. What will you do?” basically kill your readers that’s what why do I read this stuff oh sobs
  • In Dreams, We Seek: Davesprite/doomed!John. SOMEONE MAKE ME STOP READING SADSTUCK IT’S IMPAIRING MY HEALTH seriously though this is perfect.



  • Show The Lights: cute, slow build up, Rose has a crisis of sexuality, beautifully written go read it
  • Stitch Two Together: Rose uses SEDUCE (WITH CRAFTS). It is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE.
  • The Build Up: Kanaya sings at a club and Rose just stalks her. lkfjasdlkf so cute <3

other pairings

  • Ocean Size: Psiionic/Signless. After a failed revolution, the Condesce’s helmsman does some epic hacking and it’s pretty sad (fuck it I spent like five minutes trying to think of a pretty description) idk it’s really well written and I really recommend it. feels feels everywhere
  • Scarlet and Bible Black: Rose/Sollux. Really just beautiful, the writing is amazing and the imagery is perfect. Basically, Sollux is the only one capable of helping Rose.
  • In Shitty Sidequests Veritas: Dave/Terezi and suddenly Dave can only speak the complete truth


other other

more to come!

rachel’s destiel fic rec

Welp, a whole ton of people have been asking me for fanfic recs, so I figured, why not just make one big giant whopping list of all of them? Because I spend so much time reading fics anyways. So yeah. I’m picky about fics so you can rest assured all of these are GOOD and YES and YOU SHOULD READ THEM. All are happy endings. Or, well, mostly happy. Bittersweet counts as happy, right?

They’re all Destiel (otp of otps), but Sam is my whore so side pairings vary a lot. Some Samifer, Sabriel, Sam/Jess, I think I even have one on here that’s Sam/Becky but uh yeah Sam he’s sleeping around a bit

  1. Play it All Night Long- FAVORITE. AU where Dean has a late-night radio show and Castiel is his favorite caller. It’s wonderful and super well-written and there’s a lot of music references. Go read it.
  2. Aschenflügel- AU based kinda on Grimm’s Cinderella and sdlfgjdlfgj it is the cutest thing, just the cutest. It made me all happy inside. Also, wings, I have a wing kink and this fic was great.
  3. Good Things Do Happen- Winchester family zombie Christmas! Alternate ending to season 5, where they stop the Apocalypse and both boys get to make a wish. Dean wishes all the people who died in the crossfire could come back, and well, then it’s Christmastime and it’s all happy and everything. Sam POV.
  4. Unsaid- AU. Mute!Cas (still an angel) and deaf!Dean meet in an orphanage. It was beautiful and powerful and adorable and made me forget why I even needed speech.
  5. Fifths- Word prompt challenge- word was “music”. I don’t know how else to describe it, other than, well, music.
  6. How Traditions Get Started- CHUCK FAMILY THANKSGIVING and suddenly a lot of people aren’t dead. Very cracky. Go read it.
  7. Written on the Arched Sky- AU of a different Apocalypse. Dean might be the only person left in the world. And then suddenly, he’s not. Word prompt was “stars” and it is GORGEOUS.
  8. Peanut Butter Pumpkin Wedding Cake- AU. romcom of epic proportions. Dean meets Cas through Anna’s bachelorette party and mistakes him for her groom.
  9. Like an Arrow to the Heart- Super super super cute fairytale AU. Castiel is a sheltered prince and Dean’s a thief. Cheesy, adorable, completely heart-melting.
  10. Ruffled- A Tale of Saving Graces- Tangled AU! With wings! And cheese! ENOUGH SAID GO READ IT
  11. The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester- So apparently they’re halfway through the angel marriage rite and neither of them (read: Dean) really noticed. It’s fun.
  12. We Became Fans of Collisions- AU. Dean owns a bookstore and one day he gets a new customer.
  13. Jump the Track- Highschool AU. One of the best highschool AUs I’ve read, actually. Dean has given up on himself completely, until one day the socially-awkward and really intense Castiel Delacroix saves his life- and proceeds to prove to him why he’s worth saving.
  14. Weird- Highschool AU. Cas is a weirdo freak and girly magazines are involved. Just read it.
  15. Force of Nature- CSI-like AU. Except not. Dean’s a detective in Lawrence and Rufus tries to play matchmaker while they’re all supposed to be focusing on a crazy youtube serial-killer case.
  16. For Me This Is Heaven- How to Train Your Dragon AU! aslkgdfgdfg wings aplenty and it’s so adorable guys just go read it
  17. Glory In The Desert Rain- Word prompt: Desert. AU. Cas and Dean have A Conversation over a broken down car while it rains in the desert.
  18. Ugly Sweater Verse- Castiel likes holidays. Set after season 5, kind of, but different. They’re all just SO CUTE and SCHMOOPY and I was a melted puddle of fangirly GOO
  19. Stairway to Heaven and its sequel Shadows Taller Than Our Souls- Dean’s happy because Cas is more miserable than him. And in the second part, life goes on and on and Rachel sheds tears at the end BUT IT IS STILL A HAPPY ENDING go read them.
  20. So Here’s the Bright End of Nowhere- Post-s6-ish. They saved the world and now Cas has a hangover and everything is very domestic. In a diner. 
  21. What You Crave- Sam has to get Dean very very drunk to get him to talk about his feelings. There’s no way he’ll remember it in the morning. 
  22. Rough Gold- Kind of strange, but adorable. Cas loses his grace and reverts to his true form, which isn’t pretty at all, but Dean doesn’t mind.
  23. Continuity- Castiel is really mad at Dean for how hard it is to keep him alive. Sam agrees. Schmoop, read it.
  24. I’m Trying to Keep Up, I Wish You All the Luck- DEAN CUDDLES
  25. Say Uncle- Cas needs to learn how to defend himself, so Dean helps him out. 
  26. Spilt Milk- Sam knows what Dean wants better than Dean does, but reverse psychology really doesn’t work on him, so he has to try something more… confusing. Laughing over spilt milk.
  27. Supernovae- Castiel can’t sleep. Absolutely gorgeous beyond words.
  28. The Mirror- Dean goes through one alternate reality after another because apparently in order to get him to notice something, the universe needs to hit him in the face. There’s genderbending. It’s wonderful.
  29. Keeping Faith- Post-Apocalypse, Dean and Cas adopt a girl. And it’s adorable and really fluffy and domestic.
  30. Sam is Genius (Everyone is Dumb)- Poor Sam. This is crack. Side pairing: Sam/His Gigantic Intellect go read it
  31. Start Quoting Shakespeare and We’re Done- AU. Dean is a mechanic with a librarian fetish and Castiel is a librarian. And Sam and Gabriel laugh, and then get distracted.
I might add more later.
  1. I Think I Know Where You Belong- TAYLOR SWIFT ALERT but asdlfkgjdlfgj this was just the cutest thing ever. Dean and Cas use sharpies and windows to communicate, and come on, you’ve heard the song, now go read it

Just for fun, here’s an extra special crossover thingy bit that I liked: Good Omens x Supernatural, in which Castiel meets Crowley in Hell.