Texting Carly while she was watching Thor was possibly the best decision of my life.

Choice excerpts below the cut. Warning: really fucking stupid pickup lines, blatant thor/loki crack, general awesomeness and a shitload of capslock. And I never claimed we were intelligent.

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dumbledearlovesfizzingwhizbees replied to your photo: Dad: “You’re the only one who cares about Loki’s…

I know that feel, bro. Also: YOUR SWEATSHIRT. A++++

AND THANKS I actually did the back myself. 

 the-time-traveler replied to your photoDad: “You’re the only one who cares about Loki’s…

I think deep inside everyone loves Loki and wants to hug him but they keep this facade to look respectable KDKJHFD

Yes. This. Good. Obviously. I mean, how can you NOT love him? Ughhgasdfadkfg

 the-time-traveler replied to your postOkay, I’m done. Sorry for clogging your dashes…

now there’s even more rainbows and Loki love on my Dash, no idea why you’re apologizing x)

I suppose a lot of my followers don’t appreciate the liveblogging. Glad you do.

 starkresilient replied to your postJane annoys me. She’s so underdeveloped and she…

AGREED. Hopefully they fix her up for future movies.

Yes! I mean, as she is, I’m not incredibly okay with the idea of her coming back in the Avengers, because she’s so annoying, but if they fix her up it would be awesome. I mean, the whole physics chick thing is pretty cool and could be really well done, but nooo…..

asexual-not-a-sexual replied to your postDarcyxiPod OTP

Wut are you. Srsly.

asexual-not-a-sexual replied to your postWould you like some cheese to go with that cheese?

Oh. Tags. Right. I should look at those.

asexual-not-a-sexual replied to your postWow why do I liveblog everything

For my entertainment.

Anything for you, dear.

closetcellist replied to your postWow why do I liveblog everything

Because you have the most feelings.

sakuramigiwara replied to your postAngry, hurt, sad Loki Sigh

I hope he will get good end in the Avenger movie :(

Me too! I mean, we know he won’t die because he’ll be around in Thor 2, but that makes me think he’ll still be a villain, and that makes me sad… I JUST WANT MY BABY TO BE HAPPY SOBB

closetcellist replied to your postYou loved Thor more dearly than anyone. Indeed…

I left my Dashboard to stalk the Grimm tag while I watched Grimm, and I came back to find my Dash full of Thor.

asexual-not-a-sexual replied to your postYOUR ARMS ARE LIKE HAMS HAMS


OMG THAT’S CRAY CRAY. Hey you should watch this movie gurl

parasolsandtea replied to your postRainbows. Everywhere. Good lord.

Ahh good! I am pleased you are livebloging this so I an enjoy Thor again while my sister has my dvd. XD

I’m glad I didn’t completely annoy the fuck out of absolutely everyone, then :) Get that dvd back! Like the wind! Like your life depends on it! Or something.

 sherlockedinhogwarts replied to your photoDad: “You’re the only one who cares about Loki’s…


 sakuramigiwara replied to your photoDad: “You’re the only one who cares about Loki’s…

I like your coat!!!

Thank you!! I did the back myself :) Which I think I already said in reply to a different reply but yeah. Yep.

Dad: “You’re the only one who cares about Loki’s character.”

And Thor’s a pretty princess. The end.

Odin, you are a fucking bad father


Oh, Loki, I can just see your mind cracking.

Is it weird that I’m jealous of Frigg? I want to hug Loki.

Eat his face why don’t you

Jane annoys me. She’s so underdeveloped and she could have been so cool.

I think green is a better color for you than blue is, honestly, Loki.

Loki, you just have a really twisted brother complex.

Damn straight Loki’s on the throne
You know you like it
Stop arguing dammit

Thor’s art skills. That is all.