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Help me, Internets.



So: as some of you know, I am looking to move to Oxford, England as soon as possible. I have recently come back from Australia where I suffered a bout of ill mental health. I am on the right track getting help, and am making vast leaps of improvements, but this will never get too far if I keep to my current living arrangements. I am living with my mother who is chronically depressed. I’ve been her carer for the best part of ten years and that has been a contributing factor to my own problems. Her house is in rural Somerset. I don’t drive, and as she has only moved here in the last year, while I was at University, I have no friends or relations nearby.

It is very important for my continued mental good health that I Get Out Of Here as soon as humanly possible. I am looking primarily at Oxford, as I have a cluster of friendship circles there and it would be an ideal environment to get back to normal life. 

I am not asking for funds - what I am asking for is information, any sort of point in the right direction any one can give me to a room in a flat/house share with people who are okay with, shall we say, the eccentric internet type, and who won’t run a mile at the first sniff of any mental health problems. I am clean, quiet, self contained and come with excellent references. 

Please, if any one knows anyone, or could at least give this a reblog incase their followers have any ideas I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you.

reblogging this again now I have proper internet.

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basically if it’s Benedict Cumberbatch it’s instant reblog

I reallyreally need to follow Whovians, Potterheads, Sherlockians, and awkward people.


So pleeaaassse reblog if you’re one of these. I need my dash more alive.

I’m new here and I need people to follow :) So, if you like Merlin, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, My Chemical Romance, Sherlock, Glee and any stars of the previous, reblog and I’ll follow


"If you see this on your dashboard, reblog it and it will point to what your future will be based on. Good luck."

I now have renewed hope for life.


When you make clever Facebook statuses and no one likes or comments:

When you post something clever on Tumblr and it gets no notes:

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The person I reblogged this from has a blog worth following.

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Reblog if you’re Catholic.

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Doctor Who :D Technically, I only mentioned Eleven and River…but whatever that works XD


The only thing that post had in it was Logan…

I like where this is going.

Let’s pretend this thing only counts pictures. That would mean Logan and Reaver.

Holy fuck guys just kill me now. 

Eridan and Feferi.

I think I’m good…

john and karkat

im fucked

naked Vriska and Terezi?

I’m not sure if I’m okay with this

trickster john


 Doc Scratch and Equius.

It’s either Droog and Droog or Pinkie and Twilight…

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.

 not at all, because I have The Doctor <3

Oh course you would, your blog is all Harry Potter and the Doctor. Either way you win.

Mulan and that guy she chills with

also the Psiioniic



Pffffhehehe I win

The Doctor

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Tell me who you ship me with (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*♥:・゚✧

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Put “Would you rather date ______ or ________” in my ask!



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Reblog if you are so unpopular, that you don’t even get anon hate.

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Butterfly — Rayna Donoho-King

Ohgod. I forgot I had this still.
Though, I feel like I need to share it.
Reblog for me? If only to spread the voice and message of my dear cousin who didn’t live to spread it herself.
She was more a sister than a cousin, and there were so many promises I didn’t get to keep.
I feel like this is the one of the only things I can do now. 

Whaddya say, Tumblr? Help me keep her alive?