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I love Tauriel so much, and I can’t see Jackson and Walsh and Boyens fridging her when they’ve already established her to be such an amazing character. But it is possible… I can see her dying super heroically or something. :(

tbh she’s probably gonna die or else they have to have some other explanation of why she’s not in lotr

SHE BETTER GO OUT IN A FUCKING BLAZE OF GLORY i’m not really worried about her being fridged so much as i am her dying off screen and everyone being told about it later like i want to see her take out 32489570394587 orcs and go out more dramatically than boromir like make me cry and make me wanna kill shit with her death if you’re gonna kill her

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I mean hopefully it won’t be TOO annoying, and at least the main focus will be on the actual battle part, and I’ll be too busy sobbing over Bilbo and Thorin to notice. Hopefully.

i just hope they don’t attempt to fridge her

like i really, really believe that they won’t, because fridging is bad writing and jackson is better than that, but the more love triangle-y it gets the more i worry about it i guess. i want the focus to be on how badass everyone is fighting and shit and like, emotions, but not like romantic emotions? uhghg we’ll see

the problem is i love her and legolas so i will be paying attention so i probably will be noticing even if i am crying over something else like thorin or fili&kili life is hard

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Unfortunately I think they are… Even Evangeline talked about how there was gonna be a love triangle and in DoS I did not get the triangle sense at all, it was definitely just Kili crushin’ hardcore and Legolas maybe crushing from afar.

ergh yeah i can see how the second one was definitely more setting up possibility of love triangle than anything.. mostly because you didn’t get much actual pov from legolas and he was supposed to be a big part of it i guess??? why this

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I COULDA SWORE i read that they said she wasn’t gonna get romantically involved with anyone? but maybe they just meant that about Kili??? that it was sort of a one-sided crush on his part. but it’d be even weirder imo to pair her up with legolas

really??? i want to see this bc tbh that would be stellar

i just remember last movie they were really pushing a love triangle, maybe not from her perspective but they definitely acted and talked about it like it was a love triangle (like, one-sided legolas -> tauriel and i suppose debatably one sided? kili -> tauriel) which was SUPER ANNOYING and i’m just worried they’re going to KEEP PUSHING IT when it needs to just DIE

pairing her up with legolas makes no fucking sense i’m out

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Oooooooo is it done??

the appointment is booked

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i went through a small phase of this and looking back i just wanna kick my past self because there is LITERALLY NO POINT

my brother’s in that phase now and i’m like oh my god, dude. i definitely had my hoity toity anime period but thankfully it was more along the lines of “i don’t watch MAINSTREAM anime” than actual like, anime elitism and thinking some are more WORTHY than others based on some kind of merit..? like yeah some are better made or better written but ???? 

there are people out there who believe these things. they exist. they want to be taken seriously. they are hilarious.

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half-elf battlemind ayyyy
i always play tanks in rpgs

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can I come hang w you

please do

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Come see me

i will try

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Dresden was pretty! I wish I was there longer

it was really lovely! and like the life and pace of the city is super cool.

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yooooooooooo (you’re probably gonna cry some more tbqh)

bring it on

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[dramatically turns around with tears streaking down my face, whispers]


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wait if you already have the material, then why would you be buying fabric

already have implying just bought

i mean i have a lot of stuff leftover from legolas that i want to see if i can use (the colors are very similar) but i did just buy more ghhfghdfngndfndfgn

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yay law school! you have any idea where you want to go? my suggestion is maybe NYU, cause they have a huge international law branch :D or somewhere in DC maybe? idk GOOD LUCK

not a single clue! thanks though, that sounds like a good one, i think i saw it on the top law schools list somewhere. THANK YOU

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yeahhh specifically international law and linguistics bc apparently that is a thing you can do??