the shipping anthem

I know you think that I shouldn’t obsess so

or freak out like that

But if I didn’t say it, well I’d still have felt it

Where’s the sense in that?


I promise I’m not trying to screw with your canon

Or start another war


But I will go down with this ship

I won’t put my hands up and surrender

You need proof? Well, I can give you more

Just watch how they act together


All the fanart and all the fanfiction

Just make it worse

I have so many feelings

That I can’t deal well with, but I kinda like the hurt

And if you still think it’s not really canon

I can prove that it makes sense


I will go down with this ship

Cas and Dean’s profound bond will last forever

And we knew when Sherlock fell for John

They’re in love and always will be


And when the writers see

Which I’m sure they will

How these characters’ love

Fans’ hearts have filled

I’ll sit and smirk

And hold my tongue

Then probably cry

‘cause I knew all along


I will go down with this ship

Because we know that king Arthur loves his warlock

Whether you ship 10/Rose or 10/Master

Destiel, Merthur, Mystrade, Johnlock


I will go down with this ship

Love surpasses gender, species, fandom

Give me a ship and I’ll find you some evidence

Longing looks, arm pats and then some


I will go down with this ship

I won’t give my heart up and surrender

I’ll hang a rainbow flag above my door

Because I’m in love, and always will be

original song here

this is how I spent work today. I think I might have a bit too much free time, but good lord this was fun. I didn’t even have to change very much, but I feel like this version is much more relevant to my life. too bad I can’t sing worth crap