i use omg and idk as commas and periods

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instructions on how to become close friends with me
-go to my inbox/fanmail
-say hello
-proceed to keysmash for a good paragraph or so
-add ‘and butts’ at the end
-boom we’re best friends court dismissed bring in the dancing lobsters

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everyone hates teen wolf until they start watching teen wolf

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& i really need to stop watching promos for the new spiderman movie, I’m working this movie up in my head as THE BEST THING EVER. It will never be able to actually compete with the version in my head. 

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i get legitimately upset when people insult the things i like

like dude you can just say “i dislike this thing” you dont have to like

bastardize it and insult it and make me feel bad for liking it

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Sherlock Series 3:

Cas’ Return to Supernatural:

Season 7 of Doctor Who:

Return of Psych:

The Hobbit:

The Avengers:

How about spring break?:

My love life?:

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"Facebook is like your fridge. You open it when you’re bored in the hope that something good might be in there, but it’s always exactly the same as it was five minutes ago. Boring."
— my brother, the font of wisdom

colin morgan is not attractive, they said

his face is weird and his ears are funny looking, they said

where did you get that sword, they said

  • mom: you should read this instead of scrolling through that fangirl stuff on tumblr all the time
  • (shows political picture)
  • me: oh I've seen that, it came up on tumblr
  • me: hah
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    096.When people say things are a lot more complicated than that, they means they’re getting worried that they won’t like the truth.





    Truer words have never been written.

    bahahahaha priceless

    Ohhh yes. I tend to ‘hide’ those people.

    This is relevant to my life.

    © MRS