You mean me.

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"What are you doing on your computer all the time?"


I’m researching and appreciating literature

and other works of art

with an online community of like-minded people

to better take part in the creative process.

What are you doing in your spare time?

you know, before I joined tumblr I didn’t swear half as much as I do now

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"we’re made for each other" i whisper to myself as i scroll through my dash and click the grey heart next to every one of your posts

Awkward moment of the day:

Describing someone as a “life ruiner” to a non-tumblr friend and getting a very, very strange look.

How does one go about explaining a “life ruiner” other than to “aslkgjadlfjgldfjk they ruined my life with their fucking perfect face”?

mom looking over my shoulder at tumblr: I cannot believe that there are people like you out there.

So, this happened….

I think the rest of the world has a different definition of “hipster” than tumblr does.

When I think “hipster” I think space, and those hipster photos, short shorts and alternative fashion, triangles, dip dyed long hair, the kind of thing that’s on my dashboard all the time.

But people in my school think I’m a hipster for watching Doctor Who and wearing skinny jeans.

There is a discrepancy here. 

Heads up, Sherlockians, this is your new favourite blog.


Sherlockian Theories - a Tumblr dedicated to all the theories of Sherlock’s death but not death floating around on the internet.


Go check it out, all of you! It’s pretty crazy







Oh it’s tumblr alright.

I checked too and IT FUCKING IS.

Guys, what if this is an Easter egg they planted, with the intent for us to begin The Great Search for John Watson’s Tumblr?

Of course, to add to the excitement it will be password protected.

So once you find, make sure to enter every possible variation of “I AM SHERLOCKED” known to man.

And then leak all of his secret rants about how incredibley sexy Sherlock is with that riding crop.


What if, now Sherlock and John are internet phenoms, they actually find slash fic about themselves?




This fic NEEDS to be written.

I just wrote it XD

Oh Christ, this made my day.

  • scholarship: in which of your accomplishments during high school do you take the most pride?
  • me: my number of tumblr followers
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    I’m out of asks

    And this is tumblr’s way of telling me to just go to bed.

    So, to all of you who I was talking to, and the rest of you who I wasn’t talking to but would like to be talking to, good night!

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    go away tumblr I have homework to do, stop being so damn seductive all the time


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    "If you used all the time you spend on fandom to do something constructive, you could have taken over the world by now."

    Can I just… take over the world… with fandom?

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