The Doctor’s Wife

Doctor/TARDIS OTP of everything forever and ever and ever.

She was adorable and crazy, naiive and so old, everything that you would expect from a time machine that lives across all of space and time all at once. Lives, not exists. She lives. And he obviously loved her so, so much. He cried. And he was so ridiculously happy. “She’s the TARDIS! And she’s a woman! She’s the TARDIS, but she’s a woman, but she’s the TARDIS. And a woman.” She was a lot like the Doctor, and he knew it. Matt Smith’s acting in this episode was simply brilliant, you could feel every emotion that the Doctor was having at the same time as he experienced them, as they passed across his face and found their way into his voice. House was just weird (I couldn’t stop thinking Dr House), but not in a bad way. “I have corridors”. And the creepy factor was awesome, with the patchwork people and the Time Lords and Rory’s numerous deaths. And the end. When Rory asked where the Doctor’s room was, and he ignored him. He started talking to the TARDIS and realized that she couldn’t hear him- but she could and she showed it. It was wonderful, simply wonderful. Something about the plot of the whole thing was kind of strange- something about the way it was written was a bit off what you would normally see in a TV show episode, as if they had tried to cram too much in and realized it so they took too much out. But it didn’t detract from the story at all. And Idris/TARDIS/Sexy was just PERFECT.

So yeah, I’m completely in love. Excuse me while I go reblog everything I can find of her and this episode.

Neil Gaiman is a god.